ATV distance records

By Michel Vonlanthehn HB9AFO


Updated the 9  january 2015


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HB9AFO has taken the task to register all records in relation with amateur television, and this at a world level. His information sources are coming from the owner of records themselves, that send him reports of their QSO, and also in reading specialized ham magazines. In each case, he try to obtain a maximum of useful informations directly from owners of the record QSO. The following panel gives the actual state of ATV world and european records. To able to compare, the narrow band (SSB/CW) world records are given for each band.

Click here to obtain the methodology used for this classification and how to communacte us your informations. You can obtain a lot of additional informations (and sometimes photos) in clicking on the hypertext links in underlined blue.


  • 118 km 23.7.2013 THz Band 650nm, full duplex
    DJ1WF   JO51HT, Brocken 1141m, 80mW
    DL9OBD JO42QN, Eilvese 64m, 80mW
    Video  /  Photos

  • 101km 2.10.2012 (near infra-red 384THz)
    DL8TP TX JN49IR25DD 20mW
    DF6IY  RX JN48EU52KP

  • 44 km 29.3.2009, one direction, B4-B5 B/W
    F9ZG/50 (TX), IN99GB (Monthuchon). DVD diode, approx 50mW   mail
    F4BNF (RX) IN99CJ (Barneville Carteret)   mail

  • 31 km 18.5.2008 (laser, 405nm, Violet limite UV, 741 THz)
    DJ1WF, Wolfswarte im Harz, 5mW
    See here

411 GHZ

(Narrow band: 1.4km 21.12.2004 WA1ZMS/4-W4WWQ/4 photo web site )

No ATV record registered

241 GHz

Narrow band: 114 km 21.1.2008 WA1ZMS/4 (FM07FM) and W4WWQ/4 (EM96UR)  cw

No ATV record registered

145 GHz

(Narrow band: 62 km W2SZ/4-WA4RTS/4, 2001.01.01 )

No ATV record registered

122 GHz

Narrow band: 132 km the 19.10.2013 between OE3WOG/P (JN68WS14QP) and OE5VRL/P (JN67MR13BK).
CW 519 both sides

No ATV record registered

76 GHz

Narrow band. 252 km, KF6KVG et AD6IW, 13.6.2013

No ATV record registered

47 GHz

Narrow band: 319 km F6BVA and F6ETU 11.11.2006

  • 188 km the 1999.07.30 at 06h30
    HB9DLH-F1JSR, one-way B5 qso
    HB9DLH: at Mont Chasseral BE (JN37MD), at 1550 m
    90 cm modified offset parabola. TX 10 mW on 47088
    F1JSR: at Mont du Chat (dpt 73, JN25VQ)
    90 cm modified offset parabola. Phonie transverter NF 9 db
    + sat converter, sat pointer, TV sat rx (narrow band)
  • 135 km the 1999.07.27 at 05h45
    HB9DLH-F1JSR, one-way B5 qso
    HB9DLH: at Mont Chasseral BE (JN37MD), at 1550 m
    90 cm modified offset parabola. TX 10 mW on 47088
    F1JSR: at Mont Salève 74 (JN36BC) at 1000 m
    90 cm modified offset parabola. Phonie transverter NF 9 db
    + sat converter, sat pointer, TV sat rx (narrow band)
  • 69 km, the 1998.05.10 at 07h00, F1JSR-F6FAT
    One-way QSO, B4
    Between Draillant (JN36FG, 1000m) and Mauborget (JN36GV, 1000m)
    F1JSR: TX DB6NT, 6mW, 75cm offset parabola
    F6FAT: DB6NT converter, 60cm offset parabola

24 GHz

(Narrow band: 544 km, WW2R/5 - W5LUA, 2002.09.07)


DATV (numérique)

  • 124 km the 12.11.2011
    JA6DME/6 Koichi,   PM53BI   M't  Ten-Zan 695m asl, parab 66cm
    JA6EES/4 Hiroyuki, PM54ME Mt Ge-Zan   713m asl, parab 60cm
    Both sides: DATV SR-Systems + 24GHz transverter 200 mW
    Video   /   Video2

ATV (analogique)

  • 303 km, the 1998.12.27 at 11h00, two-way QSO, B5
    Between F5CAU/P and F6BVA/F6HTJ/P
    F5CAU/P: JN24PD, altitude 1600 m
    F6BVA-F6HTJ/p: JN12FI, altitude 1500m
  • 279 km, the 1997.04.27 at 04h31, JF2AGB/p-JA3UMZ/JA2
    Two-way QSO, B5 up to 07h00
    Between the Mont Iya-San (Mie prefecture, at 689 m) et the Mont Fuji (at 2450 m)
    0 degrés C, 61% of humidity. Ended at 10h00 (6-7 degres C)
    JF2AGB: 100mW, 1.2m parabola+ cassegrain feed, RX 5-6dB
    JA3UMZ: 100mW, 60cm parabola+ cassegrain feed, RX 5-6dB
  • 248 km, the 1998.06.21 at 08h12, TM2SHF-F/HB9AFO/P
    One-way QSO, B3
    Between the Mont Piana (Corsica, JN42HF, 600m) and the Mont Caume (JN23WE, 800m)

    TM2SHF (F1JSR): 200mW, 75cm offset parabola
    HB9AFO: DB6NT converter, special feed, 1 meter offset parabola/precision aiming
    Expedition description
  • 188 km, the 1998.05.08 at 07h00, F1JSR/P- HB9DLH/P
    Two-way QSO, B5
    Mont du Chat (dpt 73, JN25VQ) and Mont Chasseral (JN37MD, 1550m)
    Both with identical equipments: DB6NT 100mW and converter, 75cm offset parabola
    Temperatures between 7 and 11 degres C, 68-78% of humidity
  • 149 km, the 1997.04.26, F1FY-F6FCE
    Uni-directional QSO, B5 color

    Mont Pilat (dpt 42) and Mont Ventoux (JN24PE)
    F1FY: TX 10mW, 49cm parabola
  • 135 km, the  F1JSR/P-HB9AFO/P
    Uni-directional QSO, B5 color
    Mont Salève (JN36BC, 1375m) and Mont Chasseral (JN37MD, 1607m)
    F1JSR: TX DRO + doubler 200mW DB6NT, 60cm offset parabola.
    HB9AFO: RX "Ikea" 40cm parabola, DB6NT converter, TV-sat receiver

10 GHz

(Narrow band: VK6DZ to VK7MO 2732 km the 5.1.2015)

DATV (digital)

  • 450 km the 21.06.2005 at 11h00
    IS/HB9IBC (JN40CT, SR-system 4W, offset 90 cm)
    EA3/F4CXQ (JN12OH, AGAF, ? W, offset 90 cm)
    bi-directionnel QSO B5

ATV (analog)

  • 1564 km the 01.07.2004 at 12h00
    EA7/F4CXQ (IM97CP, 30m) and I8/HE5IBC (JM89AD, 60m)
    Bi-directional QSO,  B3-B4
    F4CXQ: 15 W in 1.5m parabola
    HE5IBC: 23 W in 1,2m parabola
    Map   Details

  • 1031 km the 1999.06.17 at 07h30
    EA/F1AAM/P (IM98XU, Monte Pego, Spain, 220m) and I5/HB9AFO/P (JN54BC, Rifugio Carrara, Italia, 1320m)
    Bi-directional B3-B5 QSO
    F1AAM: DRO + 12 W TOP, 1 meter offset parabola
    HB9AFO: DRO + 12 W TOP, 1 meter offset parabola, modified LNB + narrow band receiver + home made wide band receiver with automatic research of stations
    Description of the expedition
  • 821 km, the 1998.06.26 at 23h23, TM2SHF-EA5/HB9AFO/P
    Bi-directional QSO, B5 color (during 2,5 hours!...)
    Mont Piana, Corse, JN42HF, 600m), Monte Pego, Espagne, 220m, IM98XU,
    TM2SHF: 1, 5 or 20 W DRO synthethized + TWT, 1 meter offset parabola, modified LNB, spectrum analyzer
    HB9AFO: 1 W DRO, 1 meter offset parabola, modified LNB + narrow band receiver + home-made TV satellite receiver
    The QSO was equally done with 1W/75cm (TM2SHF) et 1W/60cm (HB9AFO)
    Expedition description
  • 701 km, the 1997.05.03 at 05h30, F1JSR/P-EA5/HB9AFO/P
    Bi-directional QSO, B5 color

    Mont Caume (JN23WE, altitude 750m) near Toulon (France) and Mont Rates (IM98XR, altitude 850 m) near d'Alicante (Spain)
    F1JSR: Synthetized TX 10450MHz TWT 110W, 50cm parabola. RX: modified LNB, 85cm offset parabola and TV sat receiver and spectrum analyzer
    HB9AFO: TX DRO F6IWF type, transistorized 1W PA, 1 meter prime focus parabola. RX: modified LNB, TV sat receiver + narrow band RX AR3000 + demodulator.
    Expedition description
  • 592 km, 1996.05.18 at 06h30, F1JSR/P-EA/HB9AFO/P
    Bi-directional QSO B5 colorr
    Serra di Pigno, Corsica (JN42RQ, 960 m) and Sierra de Montseny (Spain, JN11ET, 1650m)
    F1JSR: Synthetized TX 10450MHz TWT 20W, 40cm parabola. RX: unmodified LNB, converter, 85cm offset parabola and TV sat receiver + spectrum analyzer
    HB9AFO: TX DRO F6IWF type, 1W transistorized PA, 40cm "Ikea" parabola. RX: 1m prime focus parabola, modified LNB, TV sat receiver + narrow band RX AR3000 + démodulator
    Video cassette. Expedition description
  • 560 km, the 1995.07.08 at 09h28, F6CGB/P-F1NSU/P
    Unidirectional QSO B5
    Corsica (?) and near Perpignan (?)
    TX: F6CGB: Gunn + 3 stages PA 600 mW + 70 cm parabola
    RX: F1NSU, modified LNB (F6IWF method) + 40 cm parabola
  • 303 km, the 1992.08.09 at 16h30, F1JSR/P-F/HB9AFO/P
    Unidirectional QSO B5 color
    Aiguilles du Midi (Mont-Blanc, JN35KV, 3842m) and the Puy de Dôme (JN15LU, 1264m)
    F1JSR: Synthetized TX 10450MHz TWT 20W, 40cm "Ikea" parabola. RX: non-modified LNB, converter, 85cm offset parabola and TV sat receiver
    HB9AFO: non-modified LNB, TV sat RX + narrow band AR3000 + demodulator
    Video cassette

5.7 GHz

(Narrow band: 3980km N6CA-KH6HME)


  • 464 km the 28.7.2012 at 08h48
    JA0DAE/9 PM86JM Lou-zen, 789 m AR-Systems + 2W parabola 66cm
    JA0RUZ/7 PM99WW Kanpu-zan 335m SR-Systems+ 1,3W, parabola 100cm
    Video   Profile

  • 341km the 9.8.2011 at 09h34
    JL1BLF/7 in Mont  Chokai-san QM09AC, alt 2236m SR-Systems 0.8W, parabola 60cm
    JH1GED/0 in Mont Kashimayari-gatake PM86UO, alt 2889m SR-Systems 0.6W, parabola 60cm
  • 252 km the 14.11.2010  bi-directionnal QSO
    JA6MQT/6PM63LN,  SR-Systems 2W/parabol 60 cm
    JA6LXR,     PM51PS,  SR-Systems 2W/parabol 50 cm offset
    youtube   youtube 2   co-operators's list


  • 710 km, the 10.08.2008
    Uni-directional QSO between F9ZG and F1PYR (received F9ZG B5)
    F9ZG/P: IN92PX/1600m, 8W, preamp NE325, parabol 1.2m, RX low bandwifth
    F1PYR: JN19DA, 3W, parabol 70 cm
  • 501 km le 21 juin 2008, 17h20
    IS0/HB9IBC (JN40CT, offset 90 cm, 3 W, 5760MHz)
    F6DPH/P (JN12HM, Tour de Batère, offset 120cm, 35W)
  • 421 km, the 2001.08.17
    QSI bi-directionnel entre I3EME/IT9 et I0WDW B5T5C/B5T5C
    I3EME/IT9: JM68MA, 200mW/parabole 90cm
    I0WDW: JN61ES, 180mW/60cm
  • 216 km, the 1999.06.15
    One-way qso between TK2SHF et F/ HB9RXV /P B5
    TK2SHF: JN42HF, 15 W, 90 cm offset parabola
    F/HB9RXV/P: JN33KQ
  • 140 km, the 1998.08.23
    Color bi-directional QSO between F1JSR and F6FAT B3/B3
    F1JSR: JN36FG, 15 W, 1.2m parabole
    F6FAT: JN26JT, 15 W, 1.8m parabole

2300 MHz

(Narrow band: 3980km N6CA-KH6HME)



  • 720 km, the 10.08.2008
    Uni-directional between F9ZG et F1SGO (received F9ZG B2)
    F9ZG/P: IN92PX/1600m, 40W, preamp NE325, parabole 1.2m, RX low bandwidth
    F1SGO/77: JN18OU 
  • 241 km, 8.9.2008

    Australian records list
  • 174 km, 18.12.2005
    VK2TAS-VK2TRF, QSO bi-directionnal color
    VK2TAS: Mt Gibraltar near Mittagong (34.462520S /  150.429940E / 850m ASL) photo
    VK2TRF: Mt Warrawolong 33.056805S / 151.262842E / 550m ASL  photo
    2 same equipments: TX G1MFG + PA 20W, dish 22dBi
  • ATV at 85'000 meters of height, 23 november 1996, rocket by KC6CCC at Black Rock, Nevada. ATV on 2417 MHz, power 1W. Details

1200 MHz

(Narrow band: 2617km G6LEU-EA8XS)



  • 650 km the 1.8.2009 at 16h10 UTC
    9H1M-SV8/OE3MZC, bi-directionnal B5/B5
    OE3MZC: JM99TR, 35W home-made, 35 elements Tonna
    9H1M:      JM75FW, 40W, yagi 35 elements
    Youtube / diaporama / Description (in german)
  • 602 km, the 1994.07.04 at 05h30 UTC
    F8MM-F1GTP, bi-directional B4-B5+
    F8MM: JN08WV, 100 W, 4 x 23 elements
    F1GTP: IN93PS, 10W, 55 elements

430 MHz

(Narrow band: 4041 km KC6CCC-KH6HME)

  • 1042 km the 1981 march 3 at 17h    European record
    ON5ID - EA1CR
    , QSO bi-directionnal B5
    ON5ID: JO10RN, EA1CR: IN73EM
  • 2518 miles/4041 km KC6CCC-KH6HME, the1994.07.11, one-way QSO
    KH6HME: Mauna Loa Volcano (Hawai)
    KC6CCC: San Clement (California), 14dB jagi antenna, 15m of 9913 coax, down converter, AM TV set
    pictures ¦To download the video

144 MHz


DVB-S (TV Satellite numérique)

  • 4 km the 30.12.2014
    Unidirectionnel QSO between
    Arthur, North of Luton DVB-S 543 kS/sec, FEC 7/8, MPEG-2, 4W, 146.5 MHz (autorized in G)
    Don, Toddington Tutioune with 3200 card
    DVB-S 543 kS/sec, 4 W, FEC 7/8, MPEG-2

  • 237 km the 9.11.2011
    Unidirectional QSO (experimental, 5 minutes max on 145.0) between
    Marc, JN18AP, DVB-S SR 1000, 100W (modified Minimod, 2 hybrids S-AV36 in final)
    Rolf,  IN99KC, converter DATV F3YX modified